Graphic, UX/UI, Web Designer

I liked to look at as a living entity that was always in need of a revamp. So, with that ideology that meant us designers were always tweaking, redesigning, rethinking every page of the website all of the time.

I worked closely with program managers, developers, QA testers, the stats team, and customers on a daily basis in order to provide the best knowledge of how to make things better. This involoved a lot of A/B testing, Tealeaf sessions, brown bag meetings, customer surveys, and employee feedback.

Project goals:

  1. Provide a simple, easy-to-use, appealing website for the customers.
  2. Meet the design request requirements of the program managers.

Reservation (Checkout) process

Within the rates and resevation process, a major page is the moving supplies step where you get a pre-determined supplies package that you can be added to the reservation.

I designed and did the front end code for this webpage.

Project goals:

  1. Get more customers to buy online products for their move.
  2. Get customers to take advantage of the buy-back Gaurntee and the 5% buy now discount.

This was a lot of trial and error and in the end we got great feedback. In fact, the stats team let me know that after one of the latest updates the online store Gross Order amount went up 27% and that was only after the intital 30 days.

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I designed and did the front end code for the Propane page.

Project goals:

  1. Feature the propane products they sell online and in store.
  2. Ability for customers to find locations that refill and sell propane tanks and parts.
  3. A way for customers to plot out propane refill stations on their upcoming road trips route.
  4. Easy to find contact information for the Propane department.

After one of the page rejuvenation my boss and I received an email from the VP of Marketing, Center Sales & Operations, in it explained how the Propane program manager received an inquiry that lead to the opening of 600 new accounts.

"Two months ago we'd have never received this email and would not land all of these accounts, there was no outlet, no easy way. Thank you all for getting this page upgraded." - Bob Wessen, VP

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Trailer Hitches

I designed and did the front end code for the Trailer hitches page.

Project goals:

  1. Feature the hitch products they sell online and in store.
  2. Ability for customers to find the hitch parts they needed for their vehicle.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

I designed and coded the MSDS webpage that links to all of the pdfs that are legally required to have on hand and easily accessable.

I recreated vector versions of the United States MSDS logo and the Candaian WHMIS logo and created the book graphic in Illustrator.

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